Altela provides water desalination

Altela provides proven water desalination solutions for its customers’ most challenged wastewater needs. The patented AltelaRain® system provides state-of-the-art ‘multiple effect distillation technology’ without pressure. With the removal of pressure requirements and through the use of a polymeric platform, dramatic energy use and operational and capital cost saving benefits can be realized. Unlike conventional water evaporation platforms, the AltelaRain® system produces a clean water stream available for beneficial re-use rather than simply evaporating all the water ‘up the stack’.

Example Applications of Altela’s Water Desalination Solution

• Altela, with its joint-venture partners, has designed, financed, permitted, and built two centralized oil and gas wastewater treatment facilities in the Marcellus Shale Basin of the northeastern United States. Both of these facilities have precedent setting permits to desalinate oil and gas produced water and frac flow-back water with the resulting clean water being discharged under US EPA NPDES permits. In this manner, the oil and gas customers can reduce the volume of their fluid wastes and associated trucking costs required to transport fluid wastes to reinjection wells located farther from their production sites.

• Altela is working with a landfill located in the eastern United States that generates a large volume of high TDS leachate. Based on recent regulatory changes, this leachate can no longer be disposed of via surface discharge due to increased TDS levels. Following desalination of the leachate by the AltelaRain® system, the treated clean water meets current regulatory requirements for surface discharge.

• Altela partnered with a large natural gas exploration and production company in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico. The produced water and frac flow-back water produced at several of its wells was able to be piped to the local publicly owned treatment works (POTW) for treatment and eventual discharge to a local river. Following recent EPA regulatory changes, the POTW as no longer able to accept these high TDS waste fluids. Following desalination of the produced and frac flow-back waste fluids by the AltelaRain® System, the clean water met the most stringent EPA requirements for acceptance by the POTW thereby saving the customer further transportation and related disposal costs.

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