Altela provides waste-to-asset conversion

AltelaRain® converts fluid waste into reusable assets. Whether a customer is requiring fresh water asset conversion from brine streams or is requiring re-use of a constituent within the brine stream, the AltelaRain® system provides a proven solution to convert existing waste fluid streams into valuable fluid assets for beneficial re-use.

Example Applications of Altela’s Waste-to-Asset Conversion Solution

2008-12-1-World-Oil-Article-1• Altela partnered with a natural gas exploration company in the Piceance Basin of western Colorado to convert natural gas produced and frac flow-back water waste fluids into valuable water rights. Prior to deployment of the AltelaRain® system, Altela acquired precedent-setting water law regulatory approvals to discharge the clean treated water into the Colorado River. Working with the State of Colorado, Altela and its customer received first-of-its-kind non-tributary water rights for the volume of water discharged into the Colorado River for beneficial re-use. In this manner, Altela successfully converted waste fluids generated from the exploration and development of natural gas into a real property water right. The natural gas company reduced its costs of disposal to a commercial disposal facility in an adjoining state and received value for its water rights.

• Altela worked with a large multinational oil field services company to successfully convert drilling fluid wastes into re-usable completion fluids by concentrating and converting a 9 pound brine waste water solution into a recyclable 14 pound brine solution.

• A water service provider in Colorado has chosen to deploy the AltelaRain® system to reduce the volume of its reverse osmosis (RO) brine waste. The AltelaRain® system serves as a RO concentrator circuit thereby reducing the volume required for disposal by greater than 80%. By not having to dispose of RO brine down-hole into a re-injection (thereby removing this valuable water stream from the hydrologic cycle permanently), the treated clean water can be returned to the watershed resulting in a return-flow water right asset.

• The AltelaRain® system successfully converted ethanol glycol waste fluids into a purer, concentrated ethanol glycol stream for beneficial recycling.

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