May 1, 2015
South Platte River Basin, Colorado, USA
Fluid Waste Reduction and Waste-to-Asset Conversion
Type of Waste Fluid
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Concentrate Brine

Project Description

South Platte River Basin, Colorado, USA

A water service provider in central Colorado, USA has chosen to deploy and pilot the AltelaRain® system to reduce the volume of its reverse osmosis (RO) brine waste. The AltelaRain® system serves as a RO concentrator circuit thereby reducing the volume required for disposal by greater than 80%. By reducing the volume required for disposal well injection, the life of the disposal well can be extended providing additional benefits to the customer. Additionally, the clean, treated water can be surfaced discharged for valuable return flow water right credits in accordance with western prior appropriations water law frameworks. In such a manner, future capital outlays for additional water rights can be reduced.

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