April 15, 2006
San Juan Basin, Northwestern New Mexico, USA
Water Desalination
Type of Waste Fluid
Oil and Natural Gas Produced Water and Frac-flow Back Water

Project Description

San Juan Basin, Northwestern New Mexico, USA

Altela partnered with a large natural gas exploration and production company in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico. The produced water and frac flow-back water produced at several of its wells was able to be piped to the local publicly owned treatment works (POTW) for treatment and eventual discharge to a local river. Following recent EPA regulatory changes, the POTW was no longer able to accept these high TDS waste brine fluids. Following desalination of the produced and frac flow-back waste fluids by the AltelaRain® System, the clean water met the EPA requirements for acceptance by the POTW thereby saving the customer further transportation and related disposal costs. In addition, the treated, clean water that was discharged to the POTW and then into the local river provided valuable in-stream flows and increased environmental sustainability to the river.

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