April 15, 2008
Piceance Basin, Colorado, USA
Waste-to-Asset Conversion
Type of Waste Fluid
Oil and Natural Gas Produced Water and Frac-flow Back Water

Project Description

Piceance Basin, Colorado, USA

Historic, System 4009, Rifle, COAltela partnered with a natural gas exploration company in the Piceance Basin of western Colorado to deploy the AltelaRain® system for the treatment of natural gas produced and frac flow-back water. Prior to deployment of the AltelaRain® system, Altela acquired precedent-setting water law regulatory approvals to discharge the clean treated water into the Colorado River Basin. Working with the Colorado State Engineer’s Office, Altela and its customer received first-of-its-kind non-tributary water right approval for the water discharged into the Colorado River Basin for beneficial re-use. In this manner, Altela successfully converted waste fluids generated from the exploration and development of natural gas into a real property water right asset. In addition, the natural gas company reduced its costs of disposal to a commercial disposal facility in an adjoining state and received value for its water rights.

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