January 15, 2008
Navajo Nation
Fluid Waste Reduction and Water Desalination
Type of Waste Fluid
Oil and Natural Gas Produced Water

Project Description

Navajo Nation, New Mexico, USA

The Navajo Nation Project consisted of the installation of the AltelaRain® system to treat produced water generated at natural gas wells located on Navajo Nation lands. These wells were generating produced water that was being transported approximately significant distances for UIC reinjection and disposal. By deploying the AltelaRain® system, the per gallon disposal fee was reduced by approximately 30%. Following treatment, the purified water was made available, for free, to the Navajo Nation for valuable re-use. The project received precedent-setting regulatory permits and approvals from Navajo EPA with respect to re-using the treated produced water for irrigation and agricultural purposes. The project was prominently featured on the Discovery Network Planet Green Channel’s G-Word Show on June 16, 2008, titled “Make it Rain”. Video courtesy Planet Green.

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