September 1, 2014
Eastern Pennsylvania, USA
Water Desalination and Integrated Services
Type of Waste Fluid
Landfill Leachate treated using waste energy (methane produced by landfill)

Project Description

Eastern, Pennsylvania, USA

A large landfill located in the northeastern United States generates a large amount of leachate that must be trucked away for commercial disposal. Following deployment of the AltelaRain® system, this customer has been able to successfully desalinate the leachate to a water quality level that meets US EPA requirements for surface discharge into a local river creating valuable in-stream flows and increasing the project’s environmental stewardship. In addition, this project is an example of the AltelaRain® system’s ability to operate on waste heat. Methane gas produced by the landfill is flared to the atmosphere subject to US Clean Air Act regulatory frameworks. The Altela system incorporates this methane as the energy source to desalinate the landfill leachate, thereby decreasing the Op-Ex costs of treatment as well as beneficially use the methane energy source.

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