October 1, 2012
Northwestern Pennsylvania, USA
Fluid Waste Reduction, Water Desalination, and Integrated Services
Type of Waste Fluid
Oil and Natural Gas Produced Water and Frac-flow Back Water

Project Description

Marcellus Shale Basin, Pennsylvania, USA

Altela, with its joint-venture partner, designed, financed, permitted and built, a centralized wastewater treatment facility in the Marcellus Shale Basin of the northeastern United States. The CARES facility received precedent-setting permits with respect to the purification and desalination of oil and natural gas produced water and frac-flow back water with the resulting clean water being able to be discharged under a US EPA NPDES permit. In addition, the facility was sited adjacent to a landfill and was able to utilize waste-heat (methane produced from the landfill). In this manner, the oil and gas customers were able to reduce the volume of their fluid wastes and associated trucking and logistics costs required to transport fluid wastes to UIC re-injection wells located farther from their oil and natural gas well-sites. By siting the treatment facility adjacent to a landfill, key waste synergies were leveraged including waste heat application, drill cutting management, landfill leachate treatment and solicitation applications. This facility was sold to a large oil and gas exploration company in March 2015.


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