Altela provides fluid waste reduction

AltelaRain® dramatically reduces fluid waste volumes by concentrating waste fluid to 20% or less of the original volume, and at the same time returns approximately 50% of the original volume to the customer as clean, re-usable water. By deploying the AltelaRain® system, customers can dramatically reduce their disposal costs.

Example Applications of Altela’s Fluid Waste Reduction Solution

• Altela, with its joint-venture partners, designed, financed, permitted, and built two centralized oil and gas wastewater treatment facilities in the Marcellus Shale Basin of the northeastern United States. Both of these facilities have precedent setting permits to desalinate oil and gas produced water and frac flow-back water with the resulting clean water being discharged under US EPA NPDES permits. In this manner, the oil and gas customers can reduce the volume of their fluid wastes and associated trucking costs required to transport fluid wastes to reinjection wells located farther from their production sites.

• A large landfill located in the northeastern United States generates a large volume of leachate that must be trucked away for commercial disposal. Following deployment of the AltelaRain® system, this customer had been able to successfully concentrate its leachate thereby reducing its trucking costs. In addition, the clean water produced by the AltelaRain® system now meets US EPA requirements for surface discharge into a local river creating valuable instream flows and increasing the project’s environmental stewardship.

• A water service provider in Colorado has chosen to deploy the AltelaRain® system to reduce the volume of its reverse osmosis (RO) brine waste. The AltelaRain® system serves as a RO concentrator circuit thereby reducing the volume required for disposal by greater than 80%. By reducing the volume required for disposal well injection, the life of the disposal well can be extended providing additional benefits to the customer.

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