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AltelaRain Water Desalination Towers
AltelaRain Schematic copy
AltelaRain Tower with Module-Lite 1.0

AltelaRain® is a patented modular water desalination/decontamination system that excels at treating highly challenged fluids. AltelaRain® takes the simplest of nature’s processes for purifying water – making rain – and through revolutionary technology recreates that process using low energy and readily available materials compared to conventional high pressure thermal distillation platforms. Accordingly, AltelaRain® provides its customers with lower operating costs and capital costs than competing desalination technologies.

icon-waterdropKey Benefits include:

  • Low capital requirements
  • Low operating costs
  • Leverages precedent-setting regulatory frameworks
  • Precise control of economics
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly scalable
  • Reduced facility requirements
  • Extremely high quality of treated water

AltelaRain® Product Details

AltelaRain® has significant and noteworthy benefits when compared to competing evaporative platforms including less energy usage, lower capital costs for the equipment and the option to beneficially re-use a clean, distilled water product following purification.

AltelaRain® has been effectively treating complex waste fluids for the past decade. Waters treated to date include frac flowback, produced water, and re-concentrating completion brines from oil & gas operations, landfill leachate, and RO concentrate. In our field operations, we are treating these wastes with TDS levels up to 180,000 mg/L*. These waste streams are processed into a concentrated wastewater stream and a distillate water stream meeting NPDES discharge limitations.

Waste heat, co-gen applications, and alternate fuel sources (for example, landfill gas “LFG”) have the potential to reduce utility costs by as much as 80% – thereby increasing the return on investment. AltelaRain® is unique in its ability to use low level waste heat. The AltelaRain® process is able to utilize waste heat gas and liquid streams with temperature as low as 250°F.

AltelaRain® can be configured to accommodate fixed commercial operations, mobile treatment,
and demonstration systems in increments as small as ~2,100 gpd treatment capacity. Configurations png*treatment rates may vary due to influent water characteristics

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