Altela Wastewater Treatment and Permitting Company RO Concentrate Landfill Leachate Brackish Produced Water Frac Flowback
Treating Water Naturally.

Pressure-less, Multiple Effect Desalination
Co-Gen Waste Heat Applications
Low Cap-Ex & Op-Ex



Centralized Wastewater Treatment

Design, Engineer, Build, Own and Operate


Market Driven Fluid Treatment Solutions

Mobile and Stationary Applications


Integrated Services Solutions

Fluid Treatment Design & Engineering Services
Systems Integration Services


Solving Regulatory and Permitting Challenges

Leveraging AltelaRain® and related solutions for precedent-setting
recycling and beneficial re-use permits and approvals

Dramatically reduce the volume

and associated disposal cost

of your waste fluids

Convert and transform your existing waste to a valuable asset for beneficial re-use
Desalinate/decontaminate highly challenged brine fluids into clean water
Leverage Altela’s engineering, regulatory and systems integration expertise for cost savings
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